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Why is choline so important when you’re on a diet – especially a fat-based diet?

Written by Tamás Nagy

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You hear about the importance of taking in a range of vitamins and minerals every day, just think of vitamin C or calcium. But much less is said about the equally important choline, vitamin B8, which many people don’t even know exists.

However, choline is an essential substance that can only be produced in small amounts by the human body, so you need to get the rest from food.

Why is choline so important when you’re on a diet?

Water-soluble vitamins play a crucial role in fat breakdown processes, as without them the body is forced to store them, leading to fat deposition and increased cholesterol levels.

  • Essential for normal fat metabolism.
  • Choline is an essential building block of cells.
  • It has many functions, including being involved in the transport of fats.


It contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function because, as a methyl donor, it binds the methyl group to foreign toxins and allows their elimination from the body.

Without choline, fats are stored by the liver and don’t get into the bloodstream, and this can lead to the serious disease fatty liver, a common condition in people who drink a lot of alcohol, even if you don’t drink alcohol at all.

Vitamin B8’s effect on the liver can seriously upset your metabolism, but taking enough of it will help your body to keep everything running smoothly. Choline also reduces some inflammatory symptoms, which are also linked to weight gain and heart disease.

*Source: fyttin.hu – femina.hu

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