What does smart diet mean?

The smart diet is built on awareness, literally, of your digestive system. In our stomachs, we have half a billion nerve cells working to keep our bodies functioning properly and our minds in balance.

There are 500 million neurons in our abdomen, whose network and neural functions are similar to those of our brain. Researchers therefore claim that our digestive organs have their own nervous system, which can make decisions on its own and can have a profound effect on the way our body works and even how we think. That’s why we can often sense trouble in our gut.

However, 90 percent of the serotonin needed for happiness and general well-being is also produced in the nervous system. But half of the dopamines that have similar effects are also produced in this until now overlooked place. It’s no coincidence that the stomach is the shortest route to the heart.

This complex and finely tuned intestinal neural system can also be used to help you correct your body’s dysfunctions, for example to achieve ideal weight and well-being. How?

PR tartalom diéta fyttin intelligens diéta

The belly is smarter

It’s easy for our brains to throw our nervous systems out of balance, and with a little stress, poor diets caused by a hectic lifestyle can turn into a weight problem. So our brains have a huge impact on the ‘well-being’ of our tummies, but the good news is that it’s a two-way street. When we eat a tasty meal, the gut sends a pleasant sensation to the brain, which in turn puts a smile on our faces.

So the abdominal nervous system also stimulates our brain and, in some situations, even acts smarter than it does. Its power should not be underestimated, it has a lot to take care of when it comes to looking after our bodies. That’s why it’s worth knowing and caring about how it works. For example, we can supplement it with nutritional supplements to fill in the gaps in our diet and strengthen the entire digestive system.

PR tartalom diéta fyttin intelligens diéta

Schematic representation of the brain-intestine axis

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Everything is decided in the stomach

They say “it’s all in the head” – well, the diet is probably an exception, because “it’s all in the belly”, says Beatrix Benes, who has lost 27 kg in a year and a half. She says this is thanks to a dietary supplement regimen that has helped her to optimise the functioning of her digestive system. She stresses that the first step for anyone who is about to lose weight or wants to feel better is to get their digestion back on track.

PR tartalom diéta fyttin intelligens diéta

                              Bea Benes, Budapest, bank administrator, mother of 3 children

The weight problem is not just an aesthetic issue, but more a health issue, adds Dr. Géza Sárközy, an expert at European Trade Partners Ltd., a research and development company. The focus of our researchers is on helping the digestive system and the digestive system, thereby supporting the diet. For example, our Fyttin supplement, developed with a focus on the enteric nervous system, helps you to make an intelligent approach to weight loss based diet and achieve your ideal body weight.

It is called a smart diet because it directly affects the target area and the mechanisms that regulate it. First of all, we provide the intestinal nervous system with the elements it needs to function well. Once it’s working well, it starts to reduce appetite and accelerate fat loss. Finally, we also support the intestinal flora so that everything is right in there.

It was interesting, and of course also a great experience to experience how Fyttin works with my belly,” says Beatrix Benes. Dieters like me eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits, and one of my favourites is cabbage. Of course, digesting them causes a lot of discomfort and is difficult for the stomach and intestinal flora. Apart from the fact that all the problems have disappeared after eating them, dieting has been successful for the first time in my life,” she stressed.

PR tartalom diéta fyttin intelligens diéta

Let us dismantle fat with cholin

In the Fyttin drink, we have created a precise mixture of substances that support the functioning of the intestinal neural system by reinforcing each other – emphasises Dr. Géza Sárközy. One important element is choline, or vitamin B8, which we are less familiar with. But it has many functions, mainly as a building block of the human cell membrane, but it also stimulates fat breakdown, among other things.

Choline is an essential need throughout our lives, from foetal age to old age. The water-soluble vitamin is mostly taken in with food, but unfortunately not enough. Relatively high amounts are found in eggs, liver, salmon, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Because of our changing dietary habits, most people consume little choline. Small amounts are produced by the body, but not enough to function normally. Regular consumption of the Fyttin drink is enough to get enough choline into the body, but the developers have also added other elements to the liquid for a more effective diet.

Beneficial ingredients

Another important component of the Fyttin drink is naringin, typically extracted from the inner part of the grapefruit peel – its bitter taste is well known to all. It belongs to the group of bioflavonoids, or flavonoids more broadly, whose discovery is attributed to Albert Szent-Györgyi. It is a powerful antioxidant, reducing obesity-induced inflammation, especially in adipose tissue, and lowering blood fat and cholesterol levels.

No feeling of hunger

The Fyttin drink also contains a protein isolate, which has the function of reducing appetite by influencing the intestinal nervous system. This is a very useful additional feature for effective weight loss, as it means you don’t have to torture yourself with torturous fasting during your diet.

Good bacteria for intestinal flora

To increase the number of good bacteria in the intestinal flora, a very small amount of lactose is also included in the liquid. But it’s such a small amount that even people with lactose intolerance need not fear it.

Fyttin is therefore a precisely formulated solution that helps to support the health of the digestive system in general. This combination maintains our intestinal nervous system, results in better fat metabolism, enhances the effectiveness of the diets we follow to be Fyttin inside and out.

PR tartalom diéta fyttin intelligens diéta

How the Fyttin Dietary Supplement drink works

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