“You become what you eat”

Since we only have ne health the quote “You are what you eat” has never had much meaning. Obesity is now a widespread disease and we can fight it effectively by changing our lifestyle.

5+1 tips for everyone

  1. Buy less durable and pre-packaged food! The more we reduce our intake of processed foods loaded with preservatives, stabilisers, colourings and similar substances, the more likely we are to avoid disease.
  2. Eat mindfully! We should buy foods that really nourish our body our cells and if necessary even trigger our body’s self-healing processes!
  3. Eat raw as much and as often as possible because the enzymes that are vital for our health are damaged, practically cease to exist, during the heat treatment, cooking and baking at over 40 degrees. Of course, you can eat everything that is not “forbidden” by the cure, but eat it as it comes from the mother earth, raw, as little heat-treated as possible, from a clean source, unprocessed or as little processed as possible.
  4. Eat three times a day patiently, tastily and lovingly, with only food that is preferably from a “clean source” – that is, not from a place where it has been treated with harmful, toxic chemicals or pesticides. Better to eat less good quality food than lots of unhealthy food.
  5. Make vegetables, grains and fruit the biggest part of your diet – in that order! You can also eat oil seeds in moderation, as they contain plenty of protein, calcium, magnesium and minerals.
  6. Avoid delicious but not healthy foods and ingredients or consume them in minimal quantities.

Harmful foods

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