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Vegetarian diet

Basically all vegetarian diets are plant-based but there are significant differences between the different types. Mostly, it depends on what the followers of each diet do not eat. Let’s see the diet types from the ...



Exercise and eating is the most neglected part of our lives. We've put together some tips on how to improve these areas.


Zucchini stew

Vegetarian recipe sample: easy zucchini stew It’s true that you don’t always have to thicken your stew with flour… Grate tender zucchini on a large grater, season lightly with salt and set aside. Chop the ...


Vegetables in coating

Vegetarian recipe sample: vegetables in coating A simple dish that can be prepared in ten minutes and cooked quickly, that brings back the classic pan-fried vegetables. Mix wholemeal flour, eggs and skimmed milk with a ...


Meat-loving diet

Diet for meat lovers Many forms of meatless diets are in vogue these days, but many people are still cutting weight effectively with a variety of meat-based meals. No wonder! Meat is an excellent contributor ...